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Welcome to the Official Website of Maga Kambala, UK based entrepreneur and former winner of Miss Africa Crown International. Maga shares her know-how about personal and professional development and provides both formal and informal training and resources regarding public speaking, communication, marketing and branding. 

Personal and Professional Development

Learn about personal and professional development with Maga Kambala, former winner of Miss Africa Crown International. Maga provides resources to help you become the best version of yourself. 

Public Speaking and Communications

Learn about public speaking and communications with Maga Kambala. Whether you’re preparing for an event, conference or just looking to get better with your communications skills, you’ll find resources here. 

Community Contribution

Apart from helping people improve their personal and professional lives, Maga is dedicated to giving back to her community in the UK and beyond. Learn about recent initiatives and get involved here. 

Maga Kambala

"Developing a sense of inner confidence is what will help you excell as the best version of yourself."

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“Helping people find their true self and unearth their talents is a passion of mine. As an entrepreneur, I recognize hidden abilities in others and help them hone in on their potential.”

Maga Kambala

Maga Kambala in the Media

Maga Kambala has been featured in the media for her contributions in the personal and professional development spaces, helping people from all walks of life identify and hone on their unique skillsets and talents. From winning Miss Africa Crown International to launching her own blog with helpful resources, Maga Kambala is a go-to when it comes to building confidence and executing on your personal and professional ambitions. Click the button below to learn more and read her latest media features. 

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